My Experience With Skout

Ive always considered myself to be on the forefront of new social networking trends, so when I heard about Skout I decided I would give it a try. It was free for iOS users, and a bunch of people outside of my digital life were using it apparently, so why not? First thing I did was go to my App Store to download and install it. It was easy enough, so that was the first good sign. Some other social networking apps are just filled with too many hoops to jump through before the fun even begins. Having a semi-short attention span, that just does not cut it for me.

As it turns out, Skout shares many similarities with other social networking sites, like the ability to connect with other users, form new friendships, and bouncing pictures bank and forth. I did find the layout to be a bit more easy to navigate than most and I like the ability to sign in via Facebook. Networking your social networking sites together is important to me, because it allows me to find others using new sites that I may al ready know. I found the profile I was able to create a bit more personable than what Facebook has to offer, so that was a definite plus. I always found that the more personal a profile is, the better the connections you make, whether it is for dating purposes or just for friendship forming.

I really like the way Skout allows you to interact with other users. It lets you know who is online at any given time, and provides you with a few of their most recent posts. You can send “winks” to them or even add them to a favorites section within the feed. Of course, if you have a troublesome user, you can block or report them, but I have not had to use this feature yet. So far, everyone I have interacted with has been pleasant and entertaining. I was really surprised to find that some other users had sent me a virtual gift on my birthday when I logged in. What a nice feature to have in your social networking app.

One of the coolest features I have found on Skout is “Shake to Chat.” It is an anonymous chat feature that only discloses who you are talking with after 40 seconds by then showing your profile to them and vice versa. I cannot tell you how interesting those can truly be, even within only that short of a window to converse openly and without your profile shown. I tend to do this a lot with my favorites, especially when I am looking to date. Some people say the most random things in this scenario. Not only that, they do not have the filters that often do when a face is placed to their words. It really does provide a window to their soul in certain respects. I do not know what I was doing before ever using this feature and app!