Delightfully Charming Makeup From Lime Crime

Makeup can be used for many reasons. A young woman may love the idea of being able to put on some makeup for the first time in her life as she prepares for her first dance. An older woman may love the idea of being able to add a bit of color to her cheeks as she gets ready for a night on the town. Someone else may find that it can be wonderful to have the makeup they need when they are going to appear on stage in role where they are going to be seen by other people in a theater.

Many people also find that they can use makeup just to allow them to change up their look and have fun doing so. A dash of bright lipstick in a fun color can make any day seem brighter and feel better. Using eye shadow can help the person bring out their own inner drama queen. This is why many people love working with Lime Crime, a fabulous and deliciously fun makeup company that is known for providing people with makeup that is fun and interesting. The company was founded by Doe Deere, a woman with an extensive background in the field of entrepreneurship and an understanding of the needs and wants of today’s up to date woman who wants to stay in touch with modern fashion trends of all kinds.

Lime Crime is one of the most popular of all internet based makeup companies. People who want to be able to find products that are fun and useful as well as high quality can easily use the kind of makeup they find on this site to be able to have a look that is unique and unusual as well as easily affordable on any budget. Her makeup can be purchased for a small sum and used by anyone who wants to think about all the ways they can use makeup to help them have more fun in life. An outfit that is out of the ordinary can be made even more interesting with the use the makeup that is sold on the site here. They can pick from a wide variety of items that are designed to be used on many areas of the body including a person’s cheeks, lips and eyelashes.

They can also decide on the kind of look that is right for them by looking carefully at the site. Lime Crime viewers will find that they are able to see pics of all kinds illustrating how to use to the makeup in their own life. Many videos can also be found here showing all users how each particular item can be applied to the body and how it can be used to coordinate with any kind of outfit that the person has in mind. In this way, any given user is able to work with the site to be able to find the right kind of makeup for their

Matt Landis, a Rising Star scoring Big in the Lacrosse Games and Awards

matt landis iggy studio
Matt Landis is a name that featured prominently during this year’s Lacrosse award ceremony at the end of the lacrosse games season. He scooped several awards as well as various prestigious nominations to coveted awards. This were mainly attributed to his epic show of skill during his teams May 16th play against Albany Great Danes as well as his good performance throughout the season.
It all started when he was named the Defense Player of the Year by the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC. He also got nominated for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award. These two honors were in recognition of his tireless efforts in helping his team finish as the number one seed at the just concluded ACC champions.
Landis, who happens to be a finance student at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, falls under the collegiate level of athletes. His popularity has been achieved by his outstanding skills in the Lacrosse playgrounds and the able representation of his team. What amazes most about him is his ability to strike a balance between studies, work, and dedication to his team.

matt landis iggy studio
In this year’s Lacrosse season, he played a huge role in his team thrashing 14-10 victory over Albany Great Dame. His particular match and defensive moves especially against Albany’s seasoned player Lyle Thompson got the attention of the organizers. He had pinned down the star player, limiting his scoring chances to just one goal and four successful turnovers. This particular act saw him named player of the week by the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine.

matt landis iggy studio
His university Notre Dame had a record seven Irish player’s named all-American, being one of the three to the first team. Landis was chosen for his outstanding leadership on leadership of a defense team that ranks position nine nationally in ground balls, 12th nationally in the cause of successful turnovers and 18th in scoring defense.

matt landis iggy studio
Another award he got away with was the William C. Schmeisser Award being named the Outstanding Defensive Player of the year. Landis is definitely a player to watch in the coming seasons and in his mid twenties, he certainly has a long way to go in making his name in the Lacrosse Games.

Investment Banking Structuring Business Development

Financial sector is the key to economic development of any given country. Many countries across the world have invested a lot of money and resources in the financial and banking sector. Different countries have different and distinct financial institutions that are involved in the economic and structural development. Financial investment is one key area that supports the economic growth of different countries globally. Many government institutions depend highly on financial investment institutions for financial support during structural development. Through investment banking, governments can acquire construction loans with reduced interest rates which they then repay over a long period of time. This initiative has facilitated economic growth of many countries. This is because the loans acquired have reduced penalties and conditions.

Investment banking enables governments in the merger and acquisition of assets and properties. Through this, governments are able to invest in capital market and maximize on the available profit. Investment banking does not operate like other commercial banks, this because it does not accept cash deposits instead rely on the investments made from corporate and public sectors. With the help of James Dondero through investment banking, many people have developed interest of investing in business and becoming financially stable. As a result, many entrepreneurs have developed interest in the capital market with the aim of maximizing on the available opportunities. Entrepreneurs are the major key players in the field of investment banking. This type of banking system also helps small business people to develop businesses and compete with other big business entities in the capital market.

Investment banking systems also offer research programs to develop solution oriented services. Through research, they are able to know the real taste of the consumers using their products and find appropriate way of improving them. The banking firms use market research as an initiative to know how marketing trends are developing and how to improve of their services to be among the best in the market. Investment banking is also an ideal field in business development. This is because they offer risk management training to its large number of clients. Through this training, customers have been taught on the way to manage any risk eventuality and maximize on the available market. Investment banking has attracted quite a large number of people who have undertaken the discipline to a professional level.

James Dondero on wikipedia is the Co-Founder and the President of Highland Capital Management. This is a financial investment firm that deals in acquisition of assets and properties. After graduating with a degree in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia, he developed interest in becoming one of the most successful financial service personalities in the United States of America. With over 30 years experience in the financial sector, he has spearheaded the development of Highland Capital Management to be among the leading financial service management firms in United States of America. He has propelled the company to develop other umbrella branches in New York, Singapore and Seoul.

Lawyers in Brazil Help The Country Grow

The nation of Brazil is growing every day into one of the most powerful countries in the southern hemisphere. Brazil has hosted the World Cup, and the Summer Olympics are coming to Brazil in 2016. The country is growing by leaps and bounds every day, and corporate litigation is an important part of that growth. Lawyers in Brazil are skilled litigators who understand how to represent their clients faithfully, and this article explains how one lawyer in particular does an impeccable job in the industry.

#1: Small Beginnings

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho began his practice in Brazil in a small office that became one of the biggest corporate firms in the country. He began by representing companies that were in need of help with business deals, but the practice has grown to help companies in all aspects of their operations. His practice has grown to represent some of the largest companies in the nation, and he helps these companies make profitable deals on a daily basis.

#2: Current Issues In Brazil

The Olympics are bringing millions of US dollars in revenue to Brazil, but every company that makes that money needs help from an attorney. Ricardo’s practice is on retainer with several companies in Brazil, and he works with these companies on new contracts for business. The most recent business deals involve the Olympics, but more business deals are sure to be made after the Olympics are over.

#3: Politics And Ideology

Ricardo has represented many politicians in Brazil who hold differing opinions. His practice helps each politician do business the right way, and his practice ensures that people are conduct business in an ethical manner. Lawyers in Brazil are saddled with the responsibility of making everything fair. The citizens of Brazil should profit from the developments in the country, and each company that makes a profit should make that profit in a fair manner.

#4: Pioneering Legal Matters in Brazil

Ricardo is responsible for creating many legal techniques that are considered common in modern Brazil. His practice works with the biggest and brightest companies in the nation, and every one of his ideas has become a best practice for lawyers around the country. Ricardo helps Brazil operate in an ethical manner, and he has helped to make Brazil into an efficient nation. The legal system in Brazil is much better off because of his work.

#5: Celebrity Cases

The celebrity elite in Brazil trust Ricardo with their names and their livelihoods in high profile cases. Americans might think of Ricardo as a Hollywood lawyer, but he is much more than a celebrity lawyer. He has become the go-to lawyer in the nation for anything that is important. Companies seek Ricardo’s advice on business deals, politicians seek his endorsement and celebrities need Ricardo help them win in the court of public opinion.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one the luminaries of Brazil. His practice makes Brazil a better place with efficient legal services. Everyone in South America can look to Ricardo as someone who has helped created a better continent for everyone.

Beneful And Real Ingredients

Healthy and happy are two of the main life goals that many of us have for ourselves. We want to lead a life that’s free of any major health issues. We also want to lead a life that makes us happy each and every day. The same should go for our dogs. Dogs are an integral part of our life. They contribute to our happiness! There’s no better joy than coming home from a long day to see a happy pooch wagging his or her tail! There’s no better joy than getting covered in kisses from a dog that missed you so much. Our dogs do so much for us. Therefore, we should do the same for them. We should make sure that they are happy and healthy.

One way to do this is by feeding our dogs the food that offers the best kind of nutrients. Wholesome ingredients and proper nutrients are keys to a dogs overall health! As pet owners, we spend a great amount of time reading through labels and reviews to find which pet food is best. We search grocery store shelves and online. We look at numerous prices to find the best deal. It can sometimes be hard work. Overall, there is one food that offers the best nutrients, a great deal on price, and is found on almost any grocery store shelf.

I’m talking about Beneful. Dogs love Beneful because of the great taste! There are endless varieties and textures when it comes to the products. There are eight different kinds of dry dog food! Some examples include chicken or beef. There are twenty different kinds of wet dog food! That’s a lot of options! Beneful has options because they understand that all dogs are different. What one dog likes another might not! That’s why they have different varieties. There are also different flavors of snacks. All of these are made with real meats. An owner doesn’t have to worry about fake flavors being put in. Purina Beneful wants a dog to enjoy good tasting food.

More importantly than the taste is the overall nutritional value. Beneful was crafted by a team of expert nutritionists. They know just what to put in dog food in order to help a dog stay happy and healthy. Their dog food has the vitamins that a pooch needs for strong bones, a healthy coat, and overall energy. They are always ensuring the highest quality.

Overall, as humans we enjoy eating food with real meats and veggies. Therefore, the same should go for our pets. That’s what Beneful understands. Their food is inspected by a team to ensure the quality of each and every product. Pet owners love this food because it’s affordable and healthy. Dogs love it because of the great taste and the improved energy that they are getting from it! When it comes to our pets, we should never compromise their health. We should always be feeding them the food that we know is crafted for each individual dogs overall health.

Doe Deere Breaks The Cosmetics Color Wall

Doe Deere’s line of cosmetics known as Lime Crime is breaking the color wall in the cosmetics world. Her relatively-new cosmetics line is accessible for women who love bright colors, and Doe is calling on all haters of color to try her cosmetics before writing off bright colors altogether. This article explores how Doe went from a kid who loved to a woman who commands the attention of the fashion and cosmetics world.

#1: She Started With Color

Doe Deere always loved drawing and painting with the brightest colors possible, and she looks back on her childhood with glee. She says that she always had something in her hand that would let her draw, and he love of bright colors took right to the fashion world. Doe began designing clothes while she was still a teenager, and she did not abandon her bright aesthetic in the face of muted collections released by the world’s great designers.

#2: The Founding Of LimeCrime

The founding of Lime Crime on was an important time in Doe’s life. She was hoping to find better colors to match her own clothing creations, but there was nothing on the market that she truly felt compelled by. Doe began working with a chemist on a line of cosmetics that would flash the brightest colors possible, and she opened her eBay store called LimeCrime in 2008.

#3: Female Empowerment In Business

Doe believes in empowering women to have their own minds, their own goals and their own businesses. She works tirelessly to give women a chance to work in the fashion industry, and she hopes to empower other women to do the work she has done. Doe knows there is room in the fashion industry for every woman who needs to make her mark on the world, and her LimeCrime line of cosmetics is just one step in the right direction.

#4: Dealing With Internet Hate

Doe has dealt with her share of rude people on the Internet, but she is one of the first in a new culture of women who simply ignores haters online. She thinks of these people as color haters, and there is nothing she can do to change their minds. Doe is committed to creating fashions that are beautiful, and she has a makeup line that connects with all the clothing she makes.

Internet hate will find its way to any woman who starts her own business, but Doe encourages women to keep working hard in the face of haters. A few anonymous people on the Internet cannot stop her business, and she believes that an anonymous person the Internet should not stop your dreams. The LimeCrime brand is a celebration of liberation and style that we do not see every day in the fashion industry.

Continue to follow Doe Deere as she makes a mountain out of her LimeCrime mole hill. She is releasing new products all the time that meet the needs of women everywhere. Pairing her clothing and cosmetics will turn you into a fierce color warrior.

A Handy Million a Week with Handy

Handy is another venture capital success story. Handy is yet another mobile application success story. Handy is also an innovation of Internet Marketing success story. The outcome of the partnership of Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua is reminiscent of that of Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, on a slightly smaller scale, yet with the millions and millions of households in the world, and the potential of Handy to reach many of them, their success could possibly rival the success of Google.

This is truly a win win situation for Handy and for those who contract with the company to do jobs on facebook that can be picked up. Although the staff for Handy is small in the office in New York with only 50 employees, it has a long list of background checked, reliable freelance business partners who can make 22 to 45 dollars an hour on jobs. The great contributions of this company have made a growing list of benefits to brag about to the world.

Making it easy to schedule cleaning jobs and home repair jobs for millions and millions of dollars of revenues is splendid for the two partners, Dua and Hanrahan. It was also a profitable turn of events as well for the two companies that provided the angel money for Handy, then called Handybook. The mighty app developers together were able to raise $12 million in venture capital from General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Management. The productivity of Handy after raising these funds yielded sales that have grown rapidly each month at the rate of 60% for three straight months.

Today, Handy is the frontier company for putting individuals in need of household services in contact with pre-vetted, high skilled independent service providers such as cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians. Handy matches service requests with contractors in a short tap motion of the finger on a mobile device. It takes less than a minute to book the gig and payment is taken on a secure web server with a 100% money back guarantee. At this point, Handy is considered the easiest way to procure services for the home.

What is most surprising about this company’s success is that it took place in three short years. Founded in 2012, Handy, which started as Handybook came out of a need encountered by Hanrahan at age nineteen. He wanted to find an easier way to get handywork done on real estate investments he started purchasing in Eastern Europe. He found real estate investing was hindered immensely by the task of fixing up the homes for sale. To make this easier, he and his partner, who both met at Harvard Business School, developed an easy way to easily bring together reliable handyworkers with busy people in real estate. This of course was a business model mobile app that suited all types of busy people in the long run. Partner Umang Dua is the bright Co-Founder who developed an online program that connected one group with another, specifically hopeful would be college students who were seeking association with enrolled students worldwide. The two men struck a chord which now has revenue streams topping $1 million per week.

How Skout Has Made Dating More Enjoyable

The fun that comes with getting a partner can never be overlooked. Many people dream about getting that perfect partner to spend the rest of their lives with. Compatibility is an aspect that matters when searching for someone to fall in love with. This is something that one may not identify if they stick to the traditional methods of dating. Online means of dating have made the process of getting a partner easier and more fun. Applications like Skout on twitter have been created to offer a ground where partners can meet. Skout is a leading company that has managed to create the most reliable dating platforms. They have the Skout, which has been rated highly by many users as well as their website where users can connect to a larger community.

One of the main reasons Skout has maintained relevance in the market is the simplicity with which the application comes. It is designed with a perfect interface to ensure all levels of users are catered for adequately. The interface is designed with many features that help to make it possible to locate the right person. Most importantly, Skout has been created with a seamless system that allows members to use their gadgets without having to complain about bloat ware and speed. The technology used to create the application is perfect and the coding applied has helped to make Skout fast to run and efficient on power.

Searching through hundreds of members can prove daunting. To get the specific individual that one wants, it is necessary to use tools that help to avail relevant results. This is something Skout has invested in to ensure members to not face hard time while using the platform. There are search options that one can utilize to access different information in the system. It often happens that one wants to connect with a partner from a certain region. The presence of the sort feature has made it possible to access such details by simply specifying what one wants.

For people who feel shy approaching others for a relationship, Skout has always been helpful. Before contacting a person, it is possible to first get information to know whether there is any compatibility and whether both details match with what each person wants. With all this information, one may contact the other person to see if they may be interested. A decline online may not elicit bad feelings as it would happen off-line.

Loss of information and theft of details has cost many people millions. Using Skout may be seen as some of the ways through which fraudsters can gather information that will later be used in malicious endeavors. This is an issue that has been put into consideration by the developer by instituting measures that help to make all information supplied secret. The system is also encrypted to ensure no attempts towards hacking can succeed. Skout is indeed the best platform for dating. The support team is always willing to offer information that is helpful to the users.

Susan Mcgalla: Cocktail of Leadership and Entrepreneurship

It is said that leaders are born, not made. They set out not to be leaders, but rather, to make a difference in other people and in the society. To be a corporate head is a big enough task to undertake; it requires all the leadership qualities one can muster just to steer a whole corporation towards the company goals and the profit making ways. If sitting at the corporate helms is a monumental achievement, then making a move to leave the comfort zone that such a top job creates and move into entrepreneurship; and again, become a top player in the business big league, is an extraordinary achievement. That describes the life of Ms. Susan Mcgalla in a nutshell; extraordinary.

Many people move through the ranks of corporate leadership, starting from small subordinate staff roles to managerial positions. It however takes a person of rare qualities to scale the murky corporate heights and get to have the top office. Its hard enough for a man, with a good deal of education and not only possessing but exhibiting all the qualities of a true leader, to get there. It takes a woman of steel to literally fight her way up this very competitive corporate arena; an outstanding person in all ways. This type of people who manage the rare switch from corporate leadership into entrepreneurship possess a mix of inborn and inherent characteristics that sets them apart from the ordinary corporate leader and the entrepreneur who has been that all their life.

For a person like Susan McGalla, the stakes are usually very high. No room for error is left; success is the only thing that they seek in everything. The corporate experience gave Ms.Susan the self belief that you need to galvanize you in entrepreneurship. Many have described leaving a safe job and heading the private business way as jumping from a cliff into the dark unknowns and hoping to develop wings before you hit the ground. For Susan, the daughter of a local football coach, self-confidence was instilled in her from a very young age. She credits her parents for giving her and her two brothers the right environment for nurturing these strong characteristics. She could be encouraged to present her case and argue it out logically, which gave her the self confidence she needed while growing up.

To be recognized among your peers and appointed to steer a corporation, another of the leadership qualities that she clearly exhibited was her self-drive and her focus. Her friends describe her as being driven; for such a character to be seen in a person from fellow wok mates amidst the corporate competition, it really means that Susan is clearly that; an insatiable thirst to succeed, achieve, hit all set targets and even outshine herself. This is not a mere character but a habit and it is the core of determination and perseverance for the greater good. Establishing private companies and steering them as a director to levels unimagined in a very short span of time calls for a combination of meticulous planning, precise execution of the plans and above all, being a risk-taker, who appreciates that there’s a chance things might fail but focuses on winning and does that. That has been and still is the life of Ms. Susan .P. Mcgalla. An exemplary example of a woman who’s life is dotted with achievement and a great role model for all.

Bruce Levenson Gets a Big Profit from Atlanta Hawks Auction Deal

Bruce Levenson, a former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, a company that owns and operates the basketball team Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports in selling the basketball team and its operating rights, but the auction deal was won by Tony Ressler. Ressler led the group to auction the team having provided a bid of $730 million. Eventually, the deal sold more than was expected by at least 27 percent.

Antony Ressler, an entrepreneur agreed to acquire the Atlanta Hawks basketball team at a price of about $850 million according to sources. The sale of this NBA team was likely to be financed by cash and assuming of some debts. Among those to be part of the new ownership group are; Hawks CEO Steven Koonin as well as the coach Mike Budenholzer.

Andrew Zimbalist, a Smith College sports economist predicted the price of selling Hawks basketball team to be about $ 700 to $750 million. This is a deal, which has made a big profit from the sale. Ressler is an owner of an investment and private equity firm called Ares. He is also a real estate developer.

Ressler was one among the finalists in the sale of the team. The purchase team that was led by Ressler also consisted of other people including Grant Hill and Rick Schnall. It also included Sara Blakely who is the owner of Spanx as well as her husband Jesse Itzler.

A couple of people who were aware of the situation involving the sale of Hawks told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that there were two groups that would be considered finalists in the auction deal. One group was led by Steve Kaplan, the Grizzlies minority owner joined by Steve Starker, a New York investment banker. In this auction group, Jesse Itzler, the husband to Sara Blakely was also part.

In 2004, Atlanta Spirit LLC, which later was named Atlanta Hawks LLC, was formed with aim of purchasing Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. The major partners in Atlanta Hawks LLC were Levenson of UCG and Ed Peskowitz. The purchase initially included Atlanta Thrashers but this was sold in 2011.

In 2012, Danny Ferry was hired by Levenson to be the general manager of Hawks as well as the president of the operations of the team. Ferry previously played for team Cleveland Cavaliers before serving as the general manager for the Cavaliers. Prior to joining Hawks, Ferry was the vice president in charge of operations for San Antonio Spurs.

In late 2014, Levenson hinted that he planned to sell his share of Hawks’ ownership. Levenson had been coordinating the sale of Hawks team with help of a banker. Initially, Forbes had valued the Hawks to be worth $425 million, however, following the sale of Clippers and Bucks, the market changed drastically.

The value of various NBA franchises skyrocketed when the NBA started landing lucrative new TV deals. Ressler, whose net worth estimated $1.4 billion according to Forbes was also part of an investment group that was spearheaded by Mark Attanasio, and which purchased Milwaukee Brewers in 2005.