Julie Spira Publishes Top Ten Dating List, And Skout Made The List

Skout has made the list of the top ten dating applications that was created by Julie Spira. The list was published on the TCPALM website, and there are some well-recognized names on the list too, such as Zoosk, Tinder, Badoo, and Skout. The Skout dating application was listed as number seven on the list.

Skout was created with many different people in mind, but Skout is mostly being geared towards those who are younger in age. Although teenagers are welcome to the Skout network, Skout is mostly for those between the ages of 20 to 35, but many who are older will still use the Skout network. Even elderly persons use Skout, which is mostly because the network is a lot of fun. Skout is a fun place to meet new people, and it’s easy to determine which persons on the Skout network are nearby. Since Skout has location services available on its network, anyone can find a friend or a date close by.

If a person happens to live in New York City and wants to find someone in the same city to date, then the location services on the Skout network will easily help them to find someone in their area. There’s no need to look all over the Skout network and end up finding someone in a completely different state because Skout’s location services help to avoid that. Unless a person is open to dating others in different states, then they don’t have to worry about finding someone in their local area because Skout has it covered.

Using Skout’s location services is fairly easy, and the services can be turned on and off at will. If a person doesn’t feel like being discovered by those that are in their city, then they can turn off the location services. Once a person is ready for others in their city to know that they are close by, then they can turn the location services on. Even if a person uses the shake a chat feature, which is available on the Skout application, the person doesn’t have to worry about an anonymous person finding their location.

The shake to chat feature will keep anyone’s location anonymous for a full 40 seconds before the location is then revealed to the other person. Many people have met using the shake to chat feature, and this feature can be very helpful for those who are adventurous and want to meet someone who resides in another country and maybe even speaks another language. Those who are open to finding new friends in different countries or even dating others from different countries will be surprised at how easily they can meet someone using the shake to chat feature.

I Got Googled! Help!

Status Labs is a company that handles online crisis and clean ups. President Darius Fisher had some helpful tips on how to save your digital public image. The steps are quick and effective. When googling yourself, always start from a computer that is logged out. Clear the history in order to get what others will see if they searched for information on you. Identify any unwanted results and remove them if possible. You can always change the privacy settings to disallow some items from becoming public. You can always add positive information and content about yourself. This keeps some of the unwanted materials ranked lower and it will be seen less. Be aware of data brokers. They will use any information they can find on you. Take a proactive approach and contact the website administrators when you wish to have negative or unwanted materials removed. It never hurts to ask. If this fails, retain an attorney to help remove damaging material.

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs. Status Labs is an online digital management and public relations company that deals with the restoration of online reputation repair. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, this company is only four years old. It is growing and expanding rapidly. With new offices in San Paulo and New York, it is evident that this type of company is in high demand. They have over 1,500 clients in over thirty-five countries. Some clients are high profile public figures, politicians, and executives.

Darius Fisher will be the first to tell you to guard and manage your digital profile carefully. With the development of technology at an ever changing rate, more and more people are finding themselves in need of digital reputation repair. Even Darius Fisher had issues with negative results that he needed cleaned up. Digital reputation repair is a growing industry and will be in huge demand with the continuous development of technology.

Darius Fisher has spoken at several large venues as the expert on the subject of managing online marketing and personal profiles. When negative information is out it can do damage to companies and content development. The old saying “A company is as good as it’s name” can also apply to people. You are only as good as what people read and know about you. Unfortunately, you must guard what people read and judge you by.


Beneful dog foods are products of the Nestle Purina Petcare Company. The products are of diverse types designed to keep the dog healthy. They are safe and recommended by most of the users. The products are packed different packages containers that can be used as dog bowls


The product from Beneful is designed to grow the puppy healthy. It contains abundant nutrients that are essential for a young dog. The ingredients in the variety ensure that the puppy remains active. It also contains DHA to help support the puppy’s brain development. The healthy puppy meal is also designed to increase the puppy’s vision. The variety is available in 3.5, 6.3, and 15.5 lb bags. The food is enriched with chicken accredited with peas and carrots. The product contains ground yellow corn, chicken by product meal and other nutrients crucial for puppy’s growth.


The meal from Beneful is rich in protein and nutrients found in beef and chicken. The nutrients are designed to help the dog remain active and energetic entire day. The product is packaged in 3.5, 6.3, 15.5, and 31.1 lbs bags. The product contains real beef and eggs. It also includes the blueberries and spinach enrichments .the product calories rating is 3443k/cal per 335kcal/cup fed to the dog. The main ingredients’ are grounded yellow corn and real gluten beef.


The product is available in 3.5, 6.3, 6.3, and 15.5 lb packages. It contains ingredients’ on petco.com that are designed to increase the dog’s energy to be active the entire day. The product contains a perfect mixture of crunchy and tender Minibites for small dogs. The product contains real beef. It’s also enriched with carrots and peas.


The product from Beneful on purinastore is enriched with real chicken. It’s designed to add energy to the dogs to keep them active for an entire day. The product is available in 3.5, 6.3, 15.5 lb packages. It also contains a mix of tender and crunchy Minibites that are recommended for small dogs. The meal contains the usual ground yellow corn and chicken by product. It also contains real meat by product and soy flour. The product contains 27% crude protein and 12% crude fat. It also contains 4% crude fiber.

The Go-To List for Who is the Best in the Youtube World, And What They Do

#5. Tyler Oakley- Oakley is an American who frequents youtube. He focuses on LGBT rights, youth and social issues. Some of the social issues he focuses on are, health care, education and suicide prevention for the LGBT community. Some of his other topics are queer politics, pop culture and funny stuff. He is an author and advocate who does pretty good when it comes to youtube.

#4. Troye Sivan Mellet- Aka, Troye Sivan is a youtuber, songwriter and singer born in South Africa with Austrian heritage. He, as an actor, played the part as James Howlett in X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 2009. His most recent move in acting had him playing in the movie the Spud Film Trilogy. Sivan, as of September 26, 2015, has more than 3..6 million subscribers and more than 200 million views in total.

#3. Zoella- Zoella is known for fashion, beauty hauls and her favorites videos where she shows off her favorite products from the past month. She also has a second channel on youtube, MoreZoella, which has her video blogs in which she shows off what she does during the day to viewers. In 2014 she was criticized for filming while she was driving her car. A spokesperson for Sugg stated, “at the time of filming she was in mostly stationary traffic.”

#2. Franta- Franta uploaded his first video in august of 2010. He was inspired by Shane Dawson and Mitchell Davis’s vlogs and decided to try his hand at it. He now has over 270 views for his youtube channel and more than 4.9 million people subscribing. In July of 2014, he left Our2ndLife, a collaboration channel, due to personal issues. He was nominated in 2014 for the Teen Choice Award in the male web star category, but he then lost to Oakley. In tribute to the popular you-tube videos, he made a cameo appearance for a 2014 you-tube rewind video.

#1. Wendy Huang- As the #1 pick for this list, Wengie will probably be very happy. Wendy Huang is the founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie. She says that she starts her day off with ginseng tea and some delicious soy coffee to get her antioxidants.
Wengie is an Australian-based star who blogs daily. She shares tutorials, reviews and the latest trends on her site. Wengie teaches everyone pretty much everything they need to know about beauty and style, and how to keep one’s self healthy.

Solid Predictions, Solid Financing–Is Kyle Bass Trustworthy?

Kyle Bass has made a huge name for himself in the last seven years through two successful financial predictions, associations with a known socialist, and engineering of the stock market through a legal loophole that got congress on both sides of the political fence jumping like bean-shaped racially insensitive Spanish-speaking pupae. Or Mexican Jumping Beans, for the individual not entirely short-circuited by politically insensitive prose. The point is, Bass has been surprising people and hopping all over the place, and it makes sense to keep an eye on him.

He jumped onto the scene in 2007 when he predicted America’s lending practices vis-a-vis Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going to lead to the bursting of an economic bubble in the very near future. Lo-and-behold, exactly that happened in 2008, and suddenly everybody was paying attention to Kyle. He decided to double down on his professional trustworthiness by taking on Japan next, and again successfully predicting an economic implosion that resulted in stimulus packages. With this in mind, it makes sense that many agree with his assessment that China will likewise undergo economic bubble-bursting in the near future. Kyle Bass believes this will happen within the next one to two years, and he believes the reason for this is that the Chinese economy has expanded–ostensibly–some 400% in the last eight years. They’ve done this expansion through loans which were made in excess of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Basically, China’s made some bets that can’t be cashed, and the Asian bookies surrounding her are going to be looking for payment.

Is Kyle’s assessment correct? Well, it’s hard to say. Whether or not he’s trustworthy depends a lot on where the observer is coming from. For example, he’s got ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a well-known Argentinian socialist. But by the by, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass is also an Argentine; so is his relationship to Kirchner benign or implicit? It’s impossible to say from an exterior perspective without hard data.

The other mar/accolade Bass has is his ability to devalue big pharmaceutical stocks and cash in on it legally through a loophole in the American financial system. Bass made a company called The Coalition For Affordable Drugs. The idea was to diminish the cost of medication from big pharmaceuticals. This was successful, and collaterally the stock of big pharmaceutical organizations dropped, and Kyle made a pretty penny. Seems kind of like rigging the game, doesn’t it?

So will Kyle’s predictions about China prove trustworthy? It’s difficult to say. About the only conclusion anybody can really come to is that Bass means business, and he’s got his finger on international financial pulses one way or another.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reduced My Breast Size

I’ve always been surprised that many women wanted to get bigger breasts, especially since my problem was that my breasts were too big. I’ve always had big breasts since I was a young girl, and I never liked it. I got too much attention from the boys, and the girls were envious of me, but I never enjoyed having oversized breasts. My back hurts all the time, I found it hard to bend over, and finding a bra that fits was always a pain. I’m in my early 20s, and I’ve finally decided that I need to get a breast reduction.

Unbelievably, my friends tried to talk me out of getting the surgery, but I couldn’t take the constant back pain anymore, and I was tired of popping pain pills. Even my doctor recommended that I have a breast reduction, so I chose to look for a surgeon. My doctor recommended the surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden, and I wanted to do some research on her before I made the final decision. Dr. Walden has done some amazing work, and I was able to go through a lot of the pictures that are on her website to see what kind of work she could do for me.

Not only is Dr. Walden board-certified, but she has extra training and education in many different fields of plastic surgery, and she’s been a surgeon for many years. Dr. Walden is a renowned surgeon, and I believed that she would be the best person to help me reduce my breast size. I had my first consultation on a Friday, and I went in for surgery a couple weeks later. I was terrified that my breasts may have large scars, loose skin, and that they may not look natural, but Dr. Walden is fantastic. Not only do my breasts look great after the surgery, but my back no longer hurts because my breasts are smaller.

My breasts had very little scarring, and after a while I couldn’t see any of the incisions, and I couldn’t believe how great my breasts were looking. Many of my friends told me that if they didn’t know I went in for surgery, then they wouldn’t believe me because I still looked very good. I didn’t take my breasts down tremendously in size, but they are smaller to the point where I no longer have back pain. Dr. Jennifer Walden, in Austin, TX, has truly helped me because my back pain is gone, and I still have beautiful breasts.

Nobilis Performed My Bariatric Surgery

Every since I was a teen I’ve struggled with my weight. No matter what I tried, I could never lose weight. I tried many different diets, including Atkins, Mediterranean, South Beach and others too. I have tried various exercise programs, and I have even tried a combination of both diet and exercise. The most I had ever lost was five to ten pounds, and the weight kept coming back. My highest weight was 233 pounds, and it was ruining my life. I had breathing issues, digestion issues and more. I had talked to many doctors over the years, and they didn’t have any solutions for me but to tell me that I needed to lose weight, which I kept telling them I had tried. Finally, I spoke with a neighbor, who told me about a surgery that her sister had. The surgery was called Bariatric surgery. I didn’t understand fully what this was so I searched cantechletter, except that it was for those who needed assistance in losing weight. The Bariatric surgery is what I needed, so I called up the facility where my neighbor said her sister had the surgery performed. When I called the Nobilis Health facility in Dallas, they schedule me for an appointment. I did have to wait about a week, but that was fine with me. At my appointment, I was asking a lot of questions that they didn’t seem to mind. The doctor met with me also, and he told me about the surgery in more detail. He explained that my particular case was just the type that they took into consideration for the surgery. After getting all of the information that he gave me and asking more questions, I opted to get the Bariatric surgery. The surgery was my best option for losing weight, especially since I had exhausted all other options. I was scared at the time of the surgery, but I knew this was the right choice for my life. The doctor did inform me that I’d still need to make dietary changes and exercise too, but this surgery would get me below the weight that I was stuck at, and then it would help me to lose more weight. When my surgery was over, I went home to recover. My weight before the surgery was 233 pounds, and after receiving my surgery I got down to 175 pounds. I was amazed at how fabulous I looked. I now watch what I eat every day, and I make organic and healthy meals too. I make sure to exercise for at least 45 minutes each day, five days a week. The surgery has helped me out tremendously. Now, three months after my surgery I weigh 162 pounds. My goal weight is 150 pounds. The Nobilis Health facility in Dallas has saved my life. I don’t have to be ashamed of how I look anymore, and I can feel great going out with my friends again too. I would recommend this particular Nobilis Health facility to everyone that I know who needs this type of surgery.

Fight For Your Rights And Win

It can be truly a tragic event to go through an accident. Apart from having a serious accident be it in a car or on the job, a person quite often has to suffer through serious injuries. When injuries occur they can leave a person feeling hopeless. The person can be left without their job, their confidence, and their livelihood. They could even be left without a home if enough time goes by. Injuries can also take a very long time to heal, and some injuries are very serious and they may never get better.

If a person is involved in a serious accident where an injury occurred, it is very important for them to get in contact with a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is a professional lawyer that knows how to help a person fight for their rights, so that they can get the compensation that they have coming to them. It is very important to get a lawyer, because if a person were to try to fight on their own it is quite possible that they will lose the case. Personal injury lawyers have been working in the business of personal injury claims for many years, and they are determined to help their clients to get just what they need at the right time.

Dan Newlin is a personal injury lawyer that has definitely gotten results. All over Florida he has helped hundreds of people to get what they need. He has helped victims win millions of dollars for car accidents, broken arms, rollover accidents, serious injuries, and wrongful death. There has been much pressed about Dan Newlin and his team,because he has had much success when it comes to helping his clients.

Dan Newlin is also a man that does much to help his community. He is involved in many community efforts to help children, the neighborhood, and he also works very closely with the police department.

When it comes to personal injuries that are sustained after an accident, it is very important for an individual to get with a lawyer that cares. Dan Newlin and his team take no money until they win the case, because they realize that all their clients are already devastated and struggling because of the accident. Dan Newlin has won hundreds of cases, and that is the reason that they are so confident in their skills. If an individual is involved in an accident, then there is no reason to be alone, Dan Newman and his team of professional lawyers have all of the knowledge and experience that anyone needs to help a person fight for their rights and win.

The Company that is Saving the Environment in Brazil-Eucatex

Eucatex is a company that is based in Brazil and whose major business is making tiles, panels and ceilings that are environmentally friendly. Eucalyptus is the main source of the raw materials used by Eucatex. Initially, Eucatex started as an organization producing soft-boards and whose activities focused on producing environmentally friendly products. The company later started producing tiles and panels. Today, the company manufacture walls, paints, floors, panels, doors and even sell eucalyptus seeds. The main objective of the company is to produce highly competitive products using the most natural resources and promoting social growth.

Although Eucatex started in Brazil, it has offices located overseas with their main headquarter offices being located in Sa Paulo and other two regional offices located in Bento Gonsalves and Beo Horizonte. Other offices are in the European, the Far East and the North America regions.

The president of Eucatex is Mr. Flavio Maluf. Maluf has seen Eucatex rise to success and winning several awards. Since the year 2005, Flavio has been the CEO to the company, the chair to the board of executives and as the vice president of the Board. Flavio graduated from Fundacao Armando Alvarez with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Besides that, Flavio has received specialized training in accounting, rural management and general management. Under his management, Eucatex has gained global recognition as an outstanding institution, something the Maluf family has been striving for, for a long time.

During his study abroad, Mr. Flavio said on Twitter that he brought on board the understanding of the global market and the market trends. He is considered as the ins and outs of Eucatex. He has been the head of the company since 1987 having worked as in both trade operations and manufacturing departments. Under his leadership, Eucatex has won great awards since 2002. In 2013, the company won the ‘Projecto Design.’

The company’s environmental conservation project such as reforestation ensures continued and sustainable supply of timber as well as conserving the environment. Eucalyptus, which is the main type of tree used for timber, is fast growing thus providing an excellent option for timber harvesting. The tree matures within a few years and can be easily replanted.

Today, the company has continued with its commitment to improving the environment and improving the quality of timber by creating better strains of the Eucalyptus tree. It also sell seedlings to other timber companies.

Eucatex has also expanded its services to producing its line of varnishes and paints, metals for door making, mining of minerals and making of jewelry.

A New Deal from FreedomPop

In recent years, there has been a drastic evolution of mobile phone landscape since both traditional and prepaid operators have started new strategies of adjusting their prices according to the forces of demand and supply in the market. Indeed, prices have reduced across the board, but purchasing a phone and also paying its monthly expenses can still be considered a very costly affair. However, Freedom Pop has an alternative since it’s the only provider offering up to 100 percent free mobile services like voice, text and data and to some extent free international calls to more than 50 nations.

According to a recap reported Android Authority, FreedomPop’s strategy is to offer 500 texts, 200 voice minutes and also 500MB data every month when you only buy a phone. For clients who want to enjoy more, can choose a premium option by paying slight more than $10 and be awarded unlimited text and talk as well as 500 MB of data. FreedomPop has another ‘Premium Plus’ service as an option package. In fact, FreedomPop is offering a lot for very little amount or even nothing at all.

At the moment, FreedomPop has a new product where clients can purchase Motorola Moto E (2nd gen) for just $49.99. After you purchase this phone, you will be offered free trial of unlimited talk, text as well as 1 GB data. FreedomPop is offering that service at $49.99 but the real value for the same service is about $250. The phone you get has been certified FreedomPop to ensure it meets all the standards required for its effective operation. Also, the phone has a 30-day refund of money guarantee and also no contracts are signed hence the service can be cancelled any time you wish.

The Moto E has features like 1 GB RAM and 8GB storage capacity. This latest offer is designed to cater for those interested in low cost services. This is a reasonable solid Android experience that you should not be left behind. FreedomPop is the only mobile operator that is offering attractive packages to its clients aimed at reducing the cost of owning a phone.