Securus Technologies: Bringing Innovation to the Next Level

While some people have confusions about the service standards of prison technology firms, I have a different opinion about it. While many prison technology firms provide solutions short of expectations, some companies innovate and deliver professional services that are at best. I can conclude that Securus Technologies is a prominent player among the companies that provide cutting-edge solutions defies the market standards at highly-competent pricing. The Dallas-based firm has coverage across the all the major prisons of the country and even services jails in Canada and Mexico.


I am highly impressed with its policy of betting on technology. Securus holds a significant number of patents in prison technology and known for introducing efficient Management Access Solutions that received approval from at least five corruption department facilities in 2016. In the same year, it came up with a Call Defender technology, by partnering with Harris Corporation. This year, it introduced a new option that can prevent contraband mobile phones connecting to networks. The firm has significantly invested in technology during the period 2013-16. It spent over $600 million in patents, acquisitions, and technologies to improve its innovation efforts.


I have noticed that many facility customers also thanked Securus for helping to solve crimes and notify unreported incidents happened behind bars. Many of them sent emails and formal letters to the firm stating how it helped them to resolve the practices noticed inside the prisons. Interestingly, Securus published some of those letters by hiding the identities of them. The firm claims that it has received more than a few thousands of letters from prisons across the country.


Some letters appreciate the efficiency the call monitoring services of the firm and say that it helped the officials to unwind some crimes and trace unreported crimes. A few letters mentioned how the Securus security flaw assessments helped the authorities to improve the security posture of the prison. Some other mentioned how the services helped to locate illegal drug sales inside the prison.