Securus Technologies Invites GTL for a Technology Challenge

Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link are some of the two leading companies in the inmate communications industry. Nonetheless, the two companies have continuously displayed the existence of stiff competition involving their products, patents and services.


The recent move by Securus Technologies is no different from the past association between the two companies. Securus Technologies proposed a challenge to GTL, which would involve an independent technology judge. In this case, the role of the judge will be determining the company that has the best telephone calling platform, product set, customer service, expense and capital efficient platform among other related metrics.


The recent announcement for a challenge by Securus serves as a move by the company to redeem itself. This is after GTL claimed to have the best customer service and technology. However, Richard Smith, the CEO of Securus, expressed a lot of confidence in his company’ s potential by citing that the challenge would be an unfair comparison. For about four years, Securus has reinvested more than $700 million back into its business. Hence, it hopes to win the competition hands down.


In-depth Details Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a top provider of parolee tracking, government information management solutions and detainee communications services. It serves more than 3000 correctional facilities and 1,000,000 inmates in the United States. All of its clients are spread out across the US in approximately 45 states. Other locations where Securus has its operations include Canada, Mexico and the District of Columbia. In its endeavors to make the world a safer place, it provides biometric analysis, incident management, information management, investigation, monitoring and inmate self-service products and services.


In 2015, Securus acquired JPay Inc, in an attempt to provide the best platform for offering digitized entertainment, communication, education, payments in correctional facilities. The acquisition was a strategic move for Securus since JPay is a company that is acknowledged for introducing email, electronic payments and educational applications in correctional facilities.