Strategies Sweetgreen’s Co-Founders Utilize to Succeed

In the modern world, entrepreneurs should employ the best strategies to thrive in their daily activities. One of the most promising and profitable sectors in the world of business today is the food industry. Investors are opening restaurants and food chains every day to sustain the ever-increasing needs of their customers.

Sweetgreen is a successful salad restaurant chain, founded by Nathaniel Ru and his two friends. The founders of this high-end restaurant chain were classmates at Georgetown University, located in Washington DC.

Before graduating from Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet realized that there was a deficit in the food industry. They could not get an excellent eatery to enjoy healthy food after classes. Therefore, they raised $350,000 from family members and friends to launch Sweetgreen.

In 2007, they started the first restaurant in Georgetown, three months after graduating. Later, the restaurant attracted renowned investors in the country. Some of them include Danny Meyer, Steve Case, and Daniel Boulud. Currently, Sweetgreen is a nationwide brand. It operates in more than 40 locations in the United States of America.

Nathaniel Ru has exceptional skills in Technology. Born and brought up in Pasadena, CA, Nathaniel is an excellent innovator in the food industry and other businesses. Unlike traditional restaurants, the co-founders of Sweetgreen utilize technology maximally to make sure they serve their clients professionally.

Sweetgreen has a mobile app and an official website. Customers use these platforms to make purchases. More than 30% of Sweetgreen’s transactions are always completed online. Their principal objective is to provide high-quality and healthy fast food to their ever-increasing customers in the country.

Sweetgreen does not have a corporate headquarter in the country. According to Nathaniel Ru, their aim is to facilitate the growth of the company nationally. They want to provide healthy and delicious food to their customers in more than 100 locations in the future. Therefore, the co-CEOs of these restaurants are rethinking their management strategies.

They want to be closer to their customers and engage them professionally every day. They share responsibilities of the company to facilitate its growth and development. They work with passion and dedication to enhance advanced services throughout the year.  Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Additionally, they hold annual festivals which attract thousands of attendees. Renowned artists and chefs in the country attend these festivals to entertain and feed the members of the public respectively. Conclusively, meals provided by Sweetgreen’s restaurants are affordable and luscious.