Tammy Mazzocco is Who to Talk With About Real Estate in Central Ohio

If you are looking for a new house in Central Ohio, Tammy Mazzocco is the person to see. She has been in the real estate business for over twenty years in the Pickering area and is very knowledgeable regarding this area.

Tammy began her career in real estate by working as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm and continued in that capacity for several other companies until 1999 when she decided that selling real estate would be more profitable than working in the administrative area. You can visit her Spokeo profile for details.

Tammy is with RE/MAX and has become known as the go-to agent when it comes to residential homes. She is passionate about her business, and she loves it when a family finds the home of their dreams. She gets involved with all of the excitement too, and it’s party time when Tammy sells a house.

It is very important to Tammy Mazzocco that she treat her prospective clients with a great deal of respect when it comes to their time and their money. People are usually under stress when they are in the process of purchasing a home because of the large financial commitment involved and that they are operating in a strange geographical area. The friendliness and helpfulness are noticed and reciprocated by people. They want to do business with nice, helpful people.

Tammy is a planner, or otherwise, she would not get anything done. She likes to set goals and then break them down into smaller action steps. By doing this, she has found that it is easier to accomplish the steps than to attempt to finish the whole goal. This process keeps her on track and moving forward.

Tammy learned early in her career not to take herself too seriously, but to keep doing what works the best, which is showing houses. Almost everything else can be delegated or put into a routine. Showing houses is the golden time when customers become clients.

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