The Age of Safer Correctional Facilities with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 as an American for-profit prison technology company with its headquarters situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Initially, the company had set up regional offices in Texas, both in Carrolton and Allen and also in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years the company has undergone quite some transitions, particularly as it has made nine acquisitions worth over $600 million. Nevertheless, the company remains a market leader in the provision of detainee communications, government information management solutions, and parolee tracking. Securus Technologies offers its services to averagely 2600 correctional facilities in the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico.


While employing innovation and specialized expertise, Securus Technologies has come up with numerous ways of issuing comprehensive and innovative technical solutions. On top of that, the company also has an efficient and responsive customer care services, which sets it a mile ahead of its competitors. Nevertheless, the company centers all its efforts towards the specialized needs of the corrections and law enforcement communities.


Aside from developing a system to control contraband cell phones, the company has also developed “Cell Defender” technology, in partnership with Harris Corporation, and a wireless containment solution that inhibits contraband cell phones from connecting to mobile networks.


Recently the company issued a publication on facility customer comments regarding the use of technology in solving and prevention of crimes among inmates. This publication includes formal letters and emails written by prison and jail officials who are tasked to make the incarceration environment a safe place.


Most of the comments, as reported on the PR Newswire, show the relevance of various products developed by Securus Technologies in obtaining information on various inmate activities. Apart from aiding in attaining a search warrant, the information collected can also be used to carry out investigations and in the deterrence of contraband into the various correctional facilities.