The Company that is Saving the Environment in Brazil-Eucatex

Eucatex is a company that is based in Brazil and whose major business is making tiles, panels and ceilings that are environmentally friendly. Eucalyptus is the main source of the raw materials used by Eucatex. Initially, Eucatex started as an organization producing soft-boards and whose activities focused on producing environmentally friendly products. The company later started producing tiles and panels. Today, the company manufacture walls, paints, floors, panels, doors and even sell eucalyptus seeds. The main objective of the company is to produce highly competitive products using the most natural resources and promoting social growth.

Although Eucatex started in Brazil, it has offices located overseas with their main headquarter offices being located in Sa Paulo and other two regional offices located in Bento Gonsalves and Beo Horizonte. Other offices are in the European, the Far East and the North America regions.

The president of Eucatex is Mr. Flavio Maluf. Maluf has seen Eucatex rise to success and winning several awards. Since the year 2005, Flavio has been the CEO to the company, the chair to the board of executives and as the vice president of the Board. Flavio graduated from Fundacao Armando Alvarez with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Besides that, Flavio has received specialized training in accounting, rural management and general management. Under his management, Eucatex has gained global recognition as an outstanding institution, something the Maluf family has been striving for, for a long time.

During his study abroad, Mr. Flavio said on Twitter that he brought on board the understanding of the global market and the market trends. He is considered as the ins and outs of Eucatex. He has been the head of the company since 1987 having worked as in both trade operations and manufacturing departments. Under his leadership, Eucatex has won great awards since 2002. In 2013, the company won the ‘Projecto Design.’

The company’s environmental conservation project such as reforestation ensures continued and sustainable supply of timber as well as conserving the environment. Eucalyptus, which is the main type of tree used for timber, is fast growing thus providing an excellent option for timber harvesting. The tree matures within a few years and can be easily replanted.

Today, the company has continued with its commitment to improving the environment and improving the quality of timber by creating better strains of the Eucalyptus tree. It also sell seedlings to other timber companies.

Eucatex has also expanded its services to producing its line of varnishes and paints, metals for door making, mining of minerals and making of jewelry.