The Leadership At Lime Crime Makeup

Doe is not just a pretty face. She is ambitious, a hard worker and a skilled leader. She is a firm believer in her principles and you won’t hear of her conforming to anyone or anything. From the name of her company to the names of the brands of lipsticks she produces will tell you that she is fearless and untamed. Doe is a role model to many women and men trying to start something of their own from scratch.

From a younger age, Doe always had a knack for self-improvement. In high school, in Russia, she would sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. She knew to be better than everyone, she had to think outside the box. During this time, she wanted to save money go to the U.S and start her music career. However, in order to do so she had to come up with capital which involved selling stuff to her fellow classmates.

Although her music career didn’t go so well, Doe tells Ideaminsch that she learned so much from it. As a manager for her band, she was delegated the duty of booking events for her band. Sometimes people showed up for the events and other times they didn’t. Doe learned the lesson of being appreciative when people showed up or buy a product.

Doe began his company Lime Crime Makeup in 2008 after she couldn’t find a colourful lipstick to match up her attire. Having learned lessons from her previous gigs, she put effort in her team. Encouraging them to be creative and communicative. Doe believes that employees that are inspired by their leaders are high achievers will be reflected on their performance.

Lime Crime Makeup is revolutionizing make up by communicating to their clients. The company gives people a chance to express themselves through make up. Instead of make-up concealing imperfections, Doe believes that make up allow us to express our moods for the day. doe encourages her clients to use make-up to free themselves from any thoughts or other people’s opinions.

Doe Deere is indeed a role model to many young men and women out there. Reading her journey from a young ambitious teenage girl to the queen of unicorns leading her company with inspiration and innovation makes Doe someone we can aspire to be. Having undergone challenges and starting from the bottom, she speaks to women in conferences and motivates them to keep pushing.