Wen by Chaz: How Well Does It Work?


If you’ve been looking for a new conditioner to try, Wen by Chaz could be the answer. Before you buy a bottle, however, check out what Emily McClure from Bustle, who used Wen by Chaz Dean for one week, had to say about the product.

McClure makes it clear that she has naturally thin hair, so she was a little skeptical about the fact that the instructions say to use a lot of product for each wash. However, she states that after just one application, she actually felt like her hair was getting a little thicker. The Wen conditioner also caused less hair loss during the conditioning process, according to McClure.

Emily says that the conditioner works best when you use WEN daily. By the fourth day of the experiment, she didn’t have time to shower that morning, and her hair was particularly oily when she got to work. She also noticed that after curling her hair, her curls tended to fall quicker than usual.

As the week progressed, McClure says she noticed a greasier consistency to her hair, but she did get compliments from her friends on her shiny tresses. Overall, she’d recommend Wen to women with thin hair, or women who wash and style their hair on a daily basis.